A Computer Science-Themed Online Escape Room

The Game

You pay a visit to an eccentric colleague, a specialist in AI and the Internet of Things. Entering her mansion-lab, a holographic AI agent welcomes you:

Dr. Deeplinker is unavailable but will return soon. While we're waiting, could I ask you to fix our Internet connection?

As the agent speaks, you hear the subtle but unmistakeable click of the door lock behind you...

The Missing Links is a unique virtual escape room.

It's a computer science-themed experience, where you'll find inspiration from networks, bits & bytes, cryptography, NP-completeness, and more. We recommend that most of your team should have basic knowledge of computer science, but non-experts can play too and solve most of the puzzles.

The game also uses an unusual medium that mimics elements of a physical escape room experience — it is played entirely within Google Slides. Just as in the real world, you can interact with what's around you. The features of Slides form the "physics" of the game, so you will have the freedom to use your creativity in solving the puzzles.

Can you use your computer science knowledge and puzzle-solving skills to fix the network and escape the mansion?

Here's What Our Players Have To Say

"5 of us went through the escape room just now, and it was a TON of fun! I'm really impressed as how well you were able to utilize Slides for this."

-- A player from the Google Slides team

"Let me tell you that it was really fun, interesting, and challenging. The first challenge was to organize ourselves. ... But in the end, we naturally were solving and collaborating in all the challenges. ... All in all, it was a fantastic experience, my friends and I loved it."

-- Fabricio R.

"We thoroughly enjoyed the game and look forward to seeing another one from you in the future. ... The puzzles were quite well put together and I really enjoyed the flow of the game."

-- Sal B.

The Missing Links is played collaboratively in about 2 hours for teams of 3-6 players. For one or two players, expect a longer game. You can play with larger teams at your own risk (collaboration might be compromised).

What you'll need:


Buy a Game Code

A single game code for $10 covers all players in your team. We recommend 3-6 players per team.

You have 30 days after purchase to complete the game before the code expires, and the game will be deleted 7 days after you successfully complete it.

After you click the Buy button, you will be redirected to complete the purchase via PayPal either as a guest or using a PayPal account. After completing the payment, you will receive an e-mail with your unique code. If you do not see the e-mail, check your spam folder. The code will also appear as the License Key in the purchase confirmation page.

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Groups and Events

Looking for an engaging social activity for your event? If you'd like to set up games for multiple teams, or have a game designer present to kick off the game, contact us.

Educational Use

The Missing Links is free for use by educational institutions. To schedule an event, email us. We can also arrange educational presentations of the computer science concepts in the game.

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A game by Renata Cáceres and Brighten Godfrey

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